Provincial High School Hockey Challenge

The 2014 Big’s [Ultimate Sports Grill] Provincial High School Hockey Challenge gets underway tomorrow, April 9th 2014 with eight of the best teams from around the province competing for the AAAA title. The list of teams is as follows:

Division A Division B
Discovery Destroyers (Bonavista) Ascension Astros (Bay Roberts)
Exploits Valley Eagles (Grand Falls-Windsor) Gander Concordes (Gander)
Gonzaga Vikings (St. John’s) Holy Heart Highlanders (St. John’s)
O’Donel Patriots (Mount Pearl) Holy Spirit Falcons (Manuels)


Date Time Venue Team 1 Team 2
Wednesday, April 9th 9:00 pm Glacier 1 Holy Heart Holy Spirit
Thursday, April 10th 3:00 pm Glacier 2 Discovery Gonzaga
  6:00 pm Glacier 2 Exploits O’Donel
  7:45 pm Glacier 2 Gander Ascension
Friday, April 11th 9:00 am Glacier 1 Discovery O’Donel
  9:00 am Glacier 2 Gonzaga Exploits
  10:45 am Glacier 1 Holy Heart Gander
  10:45 am Glacier 2 Ascension Holy Spirit
  12:30 pm Glacier 1 Gonzaga O’Donel
  12:30 pm Glacier 2 Exploits Discovery
  2:15 pm Glacier 1 Ascension Holy Heart
  2:15 pm Glacier 2 Holy Spirit Gander
Saturday, April 12th 8:00 am Goulds TBD TBD
  10:00 am Goulds TBD TBD
Championship 3:00 pm Goulds TBD TBD

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